Restroom Cleaning Service

No doubt, one of the areas in your facility that needs special attention to cleanliness is the Washroom. It's the most used and visited place, where pathogenic, bacteria and viruses can became the main source of cross-affections. When dealing with the restroom that is not safe and clean, it can turn into health hazards by transmitting micro organisms that can lead into you're not invited here. That is why setting up a strict cleaning sanitation produces and scheduling is proper way of caring for your customers.

You can depend on Retouch to provide you with necessary replenish supplies; air ventilation system for quality air control, moisture control and enough lighting will result in quality insides and outsides by maintaining cleaner washrooms, of the toilets and urinals will produce better results. We disinfect all floors, walls and doors, sanitizing all washroom stalls, lavatories, dispensers, mirrors and sinks, all fixtures and equipments in the washroom are clean and color coded for safety.


  • Safety Health and Hygiene
  • Public buildings
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality and Health Care


Beyond Expected Cleaning, Sanitary Solutions is the key to dirty restrooms.

Our sanitation system provides complete restroom sanitation tailored towards restoring your cleanliness for busy working environment. The appearance of your restrooms speaks an enormous volume, and that is why our meticulous attention will keep your premises clean and running efficiently. We believe that access to cleaner sanitation promotes a healthier organization. Beyond visual cleaning, Retouch Corporation brings the option of preventative cleaning system that can assess and measure the effectiveness of your cleaning services.


  • Bathroom sanitation and Restoration maintenance
  • Floor and Fixture sanitation
  • Preventative Cleaning and sanitation
  • Small repairs/stop bacteria growth
  • Adour elimination sanitation
  • Drainage Clog Removal