Health Club/Fitness Center

Why health matters and to what degree does the cleanliness of a health facility have to be?

If your gym club owner or operational manager of the location, you know that cleanliness is a vital part of your operational and is extremely very import key factor to determine where clients needs to get back in shape and to maintain their health for long time. This commitment depends more on the facility's hygiene and cleanliness, safety and appearance contributes to the decisions of your members to maximize their investments and get satisfaction in the health manner.


Beyond the cleanness of facility, members of you health club will intend to adopt to change of your health club and if all areas of the facility are not attended to, that can cause a serious health problems and liability. By working with Retouch Corporation, we can sanitizes all areas where germs and bacteria can hide, prepare your facility and provide safer health and sanitation services to organization without compromising the health and environment of your clients and staffs.

We provide services to the following:

  • Exercise facilities
  • Health clubs
  • Reducing salons
  • Saunas
  • Spas
  • Steam baths
  • Swimming pools
  • Tanning facilities
  • Turkish baths


Our effective maintenance cleaning service will help in the prevention of odors; cross infection, safety hazards and the damage of surface equipment. With proper planning we can success execution a detailed and staff team that can identify and solve the most un usual conditions like wet side areas for signs of slip and fall, pools inspection, restrooms sanction, rocker rooms maintenance, shower cleaning , Floors care, front lobbies and class for detailed cleaning services. At Retouch Corporation we believe in your success and giving back to the comminutes by providing a safer and health service that is required for all.


We provide flexible scheduling, established 24/7 customer support, standardized services that can meet you needs right product and service, equipment, cleaning solutions to your facility. So give us a call or get quote.

  • Vacuum flooring
  • Pick up loose articles
  • Clean mirrors and glass
  • Clean all in house equipments
  • Empty waste containers
  • Clean vents and light fixtures
  • Wash out waste containers
  • Shampoo carpet or wash floor
  • Perform quarterly service of all cardiovascular
  • Vacuum, clean countertops and shelves
  • Dust area
  • Wash out waste containers
  • Empty waste containers
  • Perform quarterly service of all cardiovascular
  • Polish and buff floor
  • Equipment removal
  • Clean countertops and shelves
  • Clean light fixtures and vents