Computer Room/Data Center

When looking for computer and data center cleaning company, you must look for experienced and trained professionals that can provide you with safety, proper procedures to prevent and reduce airborne matters to bared minimum requirement date center room recommendation, right equipment and a full service provider that can manage and maintain you business needs. That is what we do at Retouch Corporation; we know that it takes special trained individuals and a full line of equipment to get the job done right the first time and within the budget. We provide you with trained professionals to provide you with customized maintenance, proper equipment to handle all you're cleaning and environment surface needs and flexibility scheduling that can fit your business at any time. We have full service capabilities and we offer immediate response to your needs for service on computer room and data center and raised floors for your facility


We provide high quality maintenance and cleaning services for you computer rooms and data center environments in the following areas.

To maximize your investment in cleaning and maintenance, we recommend the following services

  • Daily cleaning to minimize the outside contaminates from build ups
  • Weekly Vacuuming and dusting to reduce dust accessing the computer or data center areas of work
  • Quarterly Cleaning by decontaminating all surface areas
  • Bi annual cleaning for subfloors
  • HVAC maintenance to increase the air flow to the surrounding environments in the data center or computer room


Retouch Corporation has extensive training experiences in maintaining and cleaning any raised floors. We can help you extend the wear and tire life of your raised flooring with by doing the following

  • HEPA filtration and vacuuming
  • Spot Cleaning and stain removal
  • Surface restoration and cleaning
  • Tare access maintenance
  • Floor restoration care
  • Panel rotation for even wear

We will help you cut costs and long eliminate contaminants and create an inviting and health working environment for your staffs and organization from eatery way to the lab.