Floor Cleaning Services

When dealing with floors that has natural stone, maintenance and cleaning is very important and identifying the stone type. If there is a damage, before any correction can take place find out what caused the damage to stone, was it mechanical or caused by exposure to natural soundings? What is the resilient and protection method in place to stop further damage to the surface? Retouch Corp has natural professional staff that is well trained to restore the life of your stone. The life of your stone depends on the daily maintenance system to prolong the life of your asset and create an image for more years to come and proper cleaning methods and that is our expertise.


Our regular maintenance cleaning services will keep your architectural stonework pleasant to the environment of your staff, and clients will appreciate and respect .By providing you with general cleaning maintenance with the absence of strong solvents to protect fragile surface and satisfies you by reducing major cost repairs.


  • Surface care and debris removal
  • Dusting and vacuum cleaning
  • Dry dust to removal build up
  • Soft dusting to removal fingerprints and smudges
  • Feather dusting for decorative walls and ceilings
  • Weekly preventative for indoor water fountains

Our innovative approach to artistic stonework for your property buildings, garden ornaments, imaginative interiors and architectural stonework is carefully handled by our craftsmanship department; we have the technical expertise to restore the longevity and artistry of stones back to life.


We provide services to:

  • Hotels
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Local, State and Federal Building


  • Historic Building Projects
  • Restoration & Conservations
  • Brickwork&Panel Care
  • Fireplaces
  • Architectural Cast Stone
  • Fine Garden Ornaments
  • Landscape Ornaments

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