Energy Audits

Retouch Corp professionals are certified in the energy audits and make effort to conducts a thorough examination of your facility or home to determine how energy is being used and to identify savings opportunities.


We identify areas of potential energy waster, recommend solutions that are energy efficient and effectively promote healthier, safer, comfortable environment that cost less to operate.

Our certified energy auditors will inspect and provide you with practical solutions.


  • Audit the premises
  • Ceiling and attic ventilation
  • Heating and cooling equipments
  • Air distribution
  • Appliance usage
  • Lighting
  • Water heating and usage
  • Temperature and humidity control


  • We educate the owners on energy consumption and utility cost
  • We identify major areas of energy wasters
  • Recommend improvements, repairs or upgrades
  • Provide general estimates on cost and payback times

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