Office Cleaning Service

Are you looking for a high quality offices cleaning services that improves indoor air quality and promotes a healthier workplace? Retouch Corp is dedicated to making sure that quality service to maintain, preserve and enhance your business is our number one goal. We understand that every office building has different and unique challenges, and our designed maintenance programs are tailored to meet your specific needs. Retouch Corp quality check systems ensures a high quality and cost effective, sustainable services on a daily, weekly, monthly or one time. Our custodial services includes dusting, mopping, emptying trash, stripping, burnishing, and sanitizing your full facility to give you a piece of mind. Our cleaning professionals are trained and follow office cleaning procedures and safety rules.


We specialize in commercial offices cleaning services in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and Saint Paul MN

  • Entrance, reception area and foyer cleaning
  • High traffic maintenance
  • Sanitizing all lavatory fixtures, sinks, partitions, walls
  • Sweeping, mopping and polishing of floors
  • Cleaning of light fixtures, baseboards
  • Office recycling program
  • Spot and stain removal
  • Debris removal and vacuuming
  • Stone restoration and concrete floor cleaning
  • Dusting, wet mop and machine scrubbing
  • High dusting and vacuuming
  • Stripping and refinishing
  • Air condition vent cleaning
  • Stair and elevator cleaning
  • Sweeping, mopping and polishing of floors
  • Wipe and disinfect doorknobs, telephones and light switches
  • Kitchen and lounge area cleaning
  • Horizontal surface dusting
  • Wall washing and blind cleaning

Office cleaning services is designed for quality control and performed in accordance with the specifications and frequencies detailed in each contract. The completion of our janitorial cleaning services to your facility, will promote your premises image while securing your building, return lights turned off, closes windows and doors closed, and alarms set.


Maintaining your floors to its maximum appearances, removal of all contaminates and stains and scratches will focusing on the safety of the slip and fall to protect you employees and customers. Types of floors we care for are vinyl, linoleum and ceramic tile. Marble and granite. With properly maintained. Ceramic tile, marble, granite and hardwood floors are gaining in popularity and from time to time these surfaces require professional care to prolong their life and can design a schedule that can maintain your floors to keep them looking their best for years to come.


We can clean, disinfect, and sanitize your restrooms and washroom with detail procedure to eliminate uncleanness and offer you with safe. So if you have duty restrooms and you want to restore them just give us a call, we will disinfect, sanitize and restore your restroom image and you don't need to worry about un health dirty restrooms.


If there is ever a time an emergency cleanup is needed, quick move in/out cleaning, we are available 24/7. When you are behind on a project and your contractor did not do the job right, just give us a call because we are ready to respond to any emergency cleanup and meet you business needs.


We understand different projects, need different services, from your new constructed office before you move in, let us accommodate your individual needs accordingly. Whether you need clean up of the rough construction materials, final cleaning or just a touch up cleaning, we will be happy do so because we value you business so call us for your construction cleanup needs.