Green Cleaning Services


Retouch Corp's green building operation services provide your with the best cleaning packages that are designed to thoroughly clean, and sanitize your facility/building without contributing to the carbon prints, pollution and environment degradation. Our staff is trained and dedicated to exercise the proper green cleaning policies and procedures and to examine all options for any projects that we undertake. We make sure that the chemicals/products we use provide the best sanitization to improve your building/facility appearance without causing harm to the environment and its occupants.Retouch Corp uses effective and efficient new technology and processes designed for green cleaning. At Retouch Corpo, we are dedicated to sustaining our customers' environment and promote proper health indoor air quality.


Green cleaning is the innovative approach of cleaning without harming the environment. It is the process of cleaning with emphases of techniques for reducing wasteful resources thus managing the usage of resources and taking ownership to harness the environment for the future generations. With green cleaning our customers benefit improved indoor air quality thus minimizing the indoor triggers of allergies, and in turn improving the occupants' attendance and productivity.


Retouch Corpo's green cleaning services focuses on ways to increase the efficiency of your facility/building resources. We are decided to conserve the natural resources such as energy, water, materials of the structure, location, operation designed structure and then develop a plan to green maintenance cleaning service that will reducing the building impact on human health and environment. There are services we provide:

  • We educate our customers to reduce unnecessary waste and to contribute to the social corporate responsibility
  • Reduce chemical waste by efficient usage by following MSDS
  • Reduce waste by following practical solution when cleaning
  • Vacuum with HEPA filtration system with proper inspection for maintenance
  • Entryway maintenance with the removal of debris and the use of walk off mats for exterior and interiors
  • Floor care for resilient floors and carpets following green clean standards
  • Periodic floor maintenance from floor finishing, burnishing and restoration as needed
  • Carpet maintenance vacuuming and cleaning
  • Disinfect restrooms using EPA registered disinfectant device
  • Dining and break rooms clean and sanitize all areas
  • Recycle and trash collection follow procedures of the management
  • Indoor plant management and careful removal of the debris and unwanted soils
  • We perform daily maintenances, removal of contaminates from the floor surface, vacuuming alternative, mopping, washroom sanitation, light cleaning hand floors and maintenance around traffic accessible areas, work or office space and limited areas break rooms media and conference rooms


  • Right professionals: We team up with the right team of professionals to identify the and implement the green cleaning program
  • Products and services: Selecting the right products and services that can contribute to the environment and the health of the building and occupants in a positive manner
  • Cleaning practices: we look at your current cleaning practices and products used to make sure they are up to date, equipment usage and how to properly dispose unneeded products, chemicals flowing OSHA and EPA
  • Evaluation: Though continuous training of our staffs and commitment, we stay connected to the to the green movement, updating our current polices, practices and implementing new ideas that meets the standards of green cleaning in the following categories:
    • Efficient: usage of energy, water and resources conservatively.
    • Chemical: usage to protect occupant health and improve productivity
    • Reduce waste, pollution and environmental degradation


Our green cleaning services and products will remove contaminates on a regular basis in the following ways:

  • Improve indoor air quality though practical monitoring and servicing HVAC
  • Optimizing life cycle performance of building materials and equipment performance
  • Conservation of resources, water, energy and recycling products for reuse
  • Protect and enhance natural habitats by making it safety to live
  • Improves occupancy and employees productivity by satisfaction
  • Reduce the usage of chemicals and products that can import our environment
  • Improve on the indoor air quality by proper maintenance and repair


Green cleaning will provide the following benefit to your organization by improving a healthy indoor environment and improve the morale of your staffs while will increasing their productivity. Better cleaning procedures and safer cleaning products can reduce accidents and promotes safely in the work place, it means less paper work to fill for incidents.