Clean Rooms

Clean Room Solutions is to prevent drastic increase of contamination while maintaining a safe and cleaner environment for your business by following proper procedures and protocol.

We use HEPA filtration equipments and isolated machinery to vent out particulates to prevent cross contamination.Using State-of-the art cleaning products, we gather materials, walk off mats, remove or clean sticky floors, conductive floor mat care, air shower, floor damp mop, vacuum ceiling, clean vertical walls, window wipe, polish dry and clean or vacuum work station. We do it all.


  • Providing cleaning services that fit your business operations and demand
  • Proper equipment to control cleaning process
  • Right chemicals to clean and sanitize
  • Proper PPE for safety and health
  • Reaching all areas verticals and horizontal, low high levels

Retouch Corporation provides a well trained team of experienced technicians how can maintain clean room environments. Our understanding of the issues involving clean room and air flow, microscopic and biological /chemicals process will provide maintenance service that is effective and safe.


Labs, computer rooms, electric clean rooms, magnetic recording studios, photographic rooms


Facilities vertical and horizontal dusting

  • Walls, floors and ceilings
  • Paint and coatings
  • Construction material
  • Air conditioning debris
  • Room air and vapors
  • Spills and leaks


  • Skin flakes and oil
  • Cosmetics and perfume
  • Spittle
  • Clothing debris (lint, fibers etc.)
  • Hair

Tool Generated

  • Friction and wear particles
  • Velocity checks
  • Lubricants and emissions
  • Vibrations
  • Brooms, mops and dusters


  • Particulates floating in air
  • Bacteria, organics and moisture
  • Floor finishes or coatings
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Plasticizers (outgases)

Product generated

  • Silicon chips
  • Quartz flakes
  • Cleanroom debris
  • Aluminum particles

Safety is the most imperative practice of Retouch Corporation maintenance program for clean room. Following all produces using the right equipments, trained staffs and proper planning with a maintained scheduling, we can eliminate the time waste with the use of proper supervision.

We take special consideration and precautions when handling conductive dissipative, electro static discharge ESD floor to maintain and restore the intended usages of the facility. Let us know what you think. Call: 651-777-5355 or get the quote.