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Why Outsource Janitorial Services

Outsourcing what is not your expertise leaves you with more time to focus on your vision and mission. That is why Retouch services is your one source option for your janitorial cleaning and facility maintenance service in Minneapolis-Saint Paul MN.

We operate with the highest level of business ethics that aims at meeting the end result of customer satisfaction and partnership essentials. We are committed to offering superior services that are innovative and sustainable to our customers' environment. Retouch Corp's effectiveness, efficiency, and dependability are integrated in our daily business operations.

For more than a decade, we have been managing businesses like yours meet their cleaning demands by providing comprehensive commercial cleaning services. Our fundamental and integrated services focus on office buildings, property turnovers, consulting and inspections services as well as mechanical maintenance management.a


Retouch services are designed to reduce capital repairs, unscheduled shutdowns and extend equipment life as well as the facility. We deploy cost saving mechanisms by performing energy and water usage audits targeted to reduce your utility expenses.


The goals of a comprehensive maintenance program include the following:

  • Effective methods for analysing and tracking maintenance
  • Reduce capital repairs
  • Reduce unscheduled shutdowns and downtime
  • Extend equipment life, thereby extending facility life
  • Realize life-cycle cost savings
  • Provide safe, functional program to manage and operate facilities that meet the design intent
  • Provide essential solutions with a single source
Retouch Business embraces building maintenance and facility management technology to manage a broad range of services while focusing on delivering maximum performance that leads to customer satisfaction. We constantly review and evaluate our services packages to ensure customer excellence.


Our royalty is to make sure that our customers' needs are met. We listen to our customers' challenges, evaluate their services and design cost effective customized package to meet their needs. We guarantee 24/7 customer support and we urgently respond to all inquires and requests. Our staff are trained in the following areas:

  • Provide customer support
  • Provide solutions for maintenance challenges
  • Safety /regulations compliance and guidelines
  • Equipment operational start-up and shutdown procedures
  • Normal operating parameters
  • Emergency procedures
  • Equipment preventative maintenance plans

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Retouch Services

Green Cleaning Services
When considering healthy cleaning, and safer environment a priority for you? Without the proper training, cleaners can leave harmful residues on floors and other surfaces. Our cleaners use state-of-the-art products and are trained and certified in the latest green technologies. ...