We believe in promoting the common good of our society by collaborating with different organizations to make our community a better place to work and live. Retouch Corp recognizes that the changes we make today in our organization affects the future of our society.


Retouch Corp is cmmitted to making a difference in our local communities. We are firm believers that businesses must give back to the communities they serve. Our moral and ethical obligation is to contribute to the well being of our communities.

Our eco-effective approach to the environment enables us to optimize existing systems in the buildings we maintain. Our employees are energy audit satisfied. We ensure that all the buildings we maintain are eco-efficient.

Our stewardship is focused on integrating environmentally friendly business practices. We are dedicated to reducing creation of waste, reducing gas emissions, educating employees and customers about eco-effectiveness. We encourage and initiate positive changes in our society by joining forces with our community leaders and empowering our employees and customers to participate in volunteering opportunities.


We focus on working with non profit originations in our communities by creating employment opportunities to disadvantaged members of our society.


Our employees are encouraged to volunteer and participate in activities that improve our community. We are proud to service our people by giving back.


By partnering within Twin Cities, Saint Paul and Minneapolis communities.


As a company, we're committed to a cause greater than ourselves. This concept is away of knowing that we all need each other to make our societies livable and productive by giving a lending hand. As we advocate for change within us we anticipante change outside ourselives to make communities better and effective. We support the leadership of other organizations that want to join us to make this change happen.